Bredel hose pumps

Bredel hose pumps

Bredel hose pumps

Ensure 24/7 Uptime

Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps handle abrasive sludge, paste, and slurries at 100% volumetric accuracy. Unlike diaphragm, rotary lobe, and PC pumps, no moving parts come into contact with the product, and there are no mechanical seals.

They completely contain the pumped fluid in a long-life hose, preventing operator contact with chemicals, slurries or sludge. Every Bredel hose is precision machined to ensure flow stability and pump performance in tough fluid handling applications.

Flow rates up to 475 GPM at 232psi can be achieved and our industrial pumps can transfer up to 80% solids in suspension. Unlike many other pump types, flow is entirely independent of suction and discharge conditions.

Heavy duty bearings within the pump rotor and a unique buffer zone, protect gearing from overhung loads and contamination. Only Bredel industrial hose pumps provide this level of engineering expertise for their drives.

A simple hose change, takes only minutes and can be performed in-situ without special tools or skilled personnel.

This low cost maintenance adds to the list of reasons that growing numbers of manufacturers and waste sites are turning to Bredel pumps to reduce operating costs.

  • Bredel hose pumps

    Bredel hose pumps

    Up to 475 USGPM, 232psi (16 bar), Double pump uptime in tough transfer duties, Suction lift to 30 feet, dry running and reversible, Eliminate ancillary equipment

  • Apex hose pumps

    Apex hose pumps

    Up to 27.3 USGPM, 115psi (6200 L/hr, 8 bar), Dosing, metering, transfer, Optimised for process uptime, Engineered for a more competitive price/performance

  • Precision machined hose elements

    Precision machined hose elements

    Choice of hoses for compatibility with virtually every fluid, Precision machined for accurate, repeatable performance, Manufactured for optimum life and maximum pump uptime

  • Application case studies

    Application case studies

    Application success stories using Bredel and APEX industrial hose pumps

  • Bredel hose material immersion sample packs

    Bredel hose material immersion sample packs

    We are pleased to announce we are now offering hose material immersion sample packs for Bredel and APEX pumps.

  • Video


    The key advantages of peristaltic hose pump technology

  • Bredel TCO calculator

    Bredel TCO calculator

    Use our total cost of ownership calculator to discover how much you can save by choosing Bredel pumps for your abrasive pumping application

Pumping PCC waste slurry

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Transferring high temperature sludge

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